Accounting & Audit

In this highly competitive and dynamic business environment, accurate and timely financial records allow a company to make in-time business decisions and to be in compliance with the statutory requirements. We provide a full range of accounting services, bookkeeping services for start-up, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our accounting services include:

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping services

  • Compilation of unaudited financial statements

  • Audit of financial statements

  • Audit of gross sales/turnover

Requirements for companies:

In general, unlisted companies in Singapore would need to compliance with the following timelines:

  • Prepare the financial statements (audited or unaudited) and hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 6 months of the company's financial year end.

  • Filing of annual return with ACRA within 7 months of the company's financial year end.

  • Filing of Estimated Chargable Income (ECI) with IRAS within 3 months of the company's financial year end.

  • Filing of Form C/C-S with IRAS by 30 November of each year.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your accounting function?

  • Save on extra costs involved in employing an accounting staff (recruitment costs, staff welfare, training costs, CPF, providing computers for staff, etc)

  • Save on costs of purchasing an accounting software

  • No worries of accounting staff resigning

  • Allows management to devote more time and resources to the core business

  • Access to our accounting expertise

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